Goodwill Store Humor

Daily dose: The Goodwill Store Humor

Today, the family headed out to go to an Estate sale.  Moving to South Carolina, we are piece by piece replacing stuff that we downsized for the move. We had no luck finding anything at the estate sale. Since we drove about 43 miles away from home, we decided to hit the local Goodwill Stores on the way home to make up for our lack of finds at the estate sale.

We went into a Goodwill store that is well run. We quickly scanned the front aisles of furniture and odds and ends picking up a few items. We headed down the main aisle towards the household goods and scored on terra cotta pots for our house plants. Mr. Challenged and I started too noticed as we pointed things out at each other that other folks would come in and investigate stuff as soon as we walked away.  It tickled us at the response of people ease dropping into our conversation, so we decided to play it up. We strolled through the areas, picking stuff up, giving suggesting for its use putting the item back on the shelf and watching people aggressively grab the item for themselves.    Mr. C found a plate hanger that was just sitting by a shelf and asked me what it was; I explained that it was for hanging plates on a wall. We noticed out of the corner of our eyes, a lady approx. 6 feet away turned her full attention to what I was saying about the plate hanger.  No sooner Mr. C placed the hanger back against the wall, she made leaps and bounds to grab the plate holder before he even let go of it. This was our indication it was time to go.

Closer to home, we found another Goodwill store. I found a cute end table and put my hands on it. It was a black rustic looking end table perfect by the garage door. I waited for Mr. C and Danielle to help me give it a good once over before we purchased it since I had my hands full. We discovered the drawer was nailed shut in four spots for some reason and it didn’t appear to be an easy fix without damaging the wood. Together we decided it wasn’t for us since we couldn’t use the drawer space. No sooner we turned our back to the item, a middle aged woman can rushing towards the table trying to pry it open. We just looked back and smiled as our reputation seemed to follow us from the other store. I am not sure if this is a common occurrence for people to try and score on someone else’s finds. We have noticed this behavior at yard sales, estate sales, and now Goodwill Stores.   I think together we can make a great resource from stores like this. Each person has their own creative insight how to repurpose something.  I hope you are able to find your next incredible find frugally.

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