Blissfare Travel Cache Passport Holder

Blissfare Travel Cache Passport Holder

For any of you that read my blog or social media, you know that I like to travel and go to various countries. I usually am headed snorkeling or take tours with minimal bags (purse). My biggest concern for this for the safety of passports and money.
Where are you going to place it? How do you ensure you will not drop or or misplace your cruise card while out on excursions? Many times when you end of checking your important documents while trying to enjoy your vacation?

When shopping for a travel pouch, many people have concern about how well it holds up and will it fit “around” different body styles.
The travel pouch comes with three zipper compartments with sturdy pulls, two horizontally and one vertically. It also comes with a large open pocket to slip in maps, business cards or other items. The pocket are very deep and roomy. I placed two passports (in holders) in one compartment without concern of bending the edges or creating creases. When we were in ports, I placed money in the other compartments. One held a considerable size of ones and the others concealed the other money in the pocket without showing it off.

While walking around, I noticed several other people with similar travel pouches that were stiff and visible under their clothes. The Blissfare Travel Cache is flexible and pliable with soft material that doesn’t irritate your skin.
The soft nylon straps reach 50 inches on the top and the 44 inches on the bottom strap that would go around your torso or belly. The material is stretchy and doesn’t cut into the skin.
The top strap compacts down to 25 inches and the bottom to 22 inches. Both can be unclipped and switched around to accommodate your body or if you only want to carry the pouch by the neck strap.

When I travel, I have a security knowing were all of my materials are on my body. I am not having to be concerned with pick pockets or kids trying to accessing pockets. No longer to I have to worry about sticking a passport down a damp bathing suit or not being able to get through a security line quickly because I am searching The Blissfare Travel pouch accommodated my travel domestically and internationally. This is a must buy for your travels for any man or woman.

FTC Disclosure: I received this product at a deeply discounted price in exchange for my honest & unbiased review.

Getting ready to head out into port with the Blissfare Travel Cache Passport Holder

Getting ready to head out into port with the Blissfare Travel Cache Passport Holder

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