Clinton Sease Farm Corn Maze 2016

Corn mazes are on the fall bucket list for so many families. Spending hours running around in the maze trying to figure out how to escape the countless turns of corn after corn. Today I was able to get a sneak peek behind the Corn Maze that people travel to see during the fall. Each year, Clinton Sease starts the design process of making his corn maze unique from any other. This year he outdid himself and I wanted to go behind the scenes of what it looks like from an aerial shot.


This maze has surpassed any designs that I have ever seen before when it comes to mazes. This has different levels of skill for the beginners to the advanced hide and go seekers.  Did you ever wonder what was behind the turns? Many have a detailed design to celebrate the year. This year has a design for all ages to enjoy. Here is a view of the corn maze and the trails that are in it. Bring your family out to conquer this turn by turn American Treasure.


Clinton Sease Corn Maze 2016


If you are not in the South Carolina area, find your local corn maze.

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