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Who is Jenn?

I am the blogger behind Today’s Challenges. Thank you for visiting my blog. By day I work in the medical field and by night I am a full time student. Hence my crazy schedule. I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and now have settled my roots in Columbia, South Carolina. Between that time, I have lived around the world.  I live with my wonderful husband, three dogs: Mack (rescued in Colorado), Harley (rescued in Texas) and Bear (rescued in Kentucky) and two parrots Jake (rescued in Colorado) and Misty (rescued in South Carolina). I am a proud mother of a college student: Sparrow who is studying Biology like a rock star.


About the Blog:

I started Today’s Challenges as a form of therapy for myself. As a woman, I never realized how much we take on as a mom, wife, daughter, and person. Many have tried to compare themselves to other and feel defeated when they can’t accomplish everything they set out to in a day or a life time. I am one of those women. My approach was turned around from “I have so many problems with scheduling, money, etc.” to “I don’t have problems, I have mere challenges.” Talking with women, I realized someone else needed to hear my story so they could relate. It can be overwhelming at times but teaming up together, we can conquer Today’s Challenges. I bring updates to life, DIY, living frugal methods and fitness as a plus size person.

My blog is constantly changing and growing as I learn more about blogging. My goal is for you to have someone to relate to if you are having a bad day. Smile! We will get through this together.


Feel free to contact me at any time: Jenn@todayschallenges.com


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