Dancing the night away!

Tonight we went to a Christmas party for Danielle’s Dance Group. Most of the party goers were younger than her running around having a great time. Now, let’s times that number of the younger dancer by two to four family members as their entourage.  Food and drink was abundant and Christmas décor was beyond festive.  Spirits were up and everyone was smiling having a great time. The dance master of the school started the music and all the younger dancers took to the floor to show off their moves with the Christmas routine.   I was so proud to see Danielle get out there with the young dancers and encourage them while she danced her heart out. Watching some of the little girls look up at Danielle as she kicked up her heels and moved with the music was a another moment that she has impressed me.


Sometimes we realize the little moments in life are the proudest to be able to celebrate it.

PDC Christmas framed

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