Dr. Oz & Cinnamon

So yesterday I was able to get the remote to myself and watch TV without interruptions. Normally, I am challenged with people who don’t have same interest as I do to watch a show all the way through without commenting or flipping the channel like it’s a race. The channel that I was watching was taken over by the Doctor Oz show. I have heard great things about the show but never had the time to watch an episode all the way through.

This episode was the one taken over by the fans and they decided what topics they wanted to be on the show. One of the topics was weight loss for your body type and the diet: weight carried in the mid-section and weight carried in the lower half “the butt”.

My body type, the mid-section of fat. It was suggested for weight loss to go with a high lean protein diet with cinnamon. Similar to the South Beach Diet just add cinnamon. I now carry a bottle of ground cinnamon in my lunch bag and add it to my coffee. I am trying to find other ways to add it to my diet but not sure how chicken and cinnamon or bun less hamburger with cinnamon sounds. Eww! I think for now, I am going to stick with adding it to my drinks. =)  The cinnamon has a regulatory effect on blood sugar levels and helps prevent the increased storage of abdominal fat. Again another tool I can add to my belt for a healthier life style. Here is a touch of healthy in my cup.

For the lower half body types, the suggested diet was higher in complex carbs and Oregano.

Cinnamon Coffee

Don’t judge my Grumpy cup… it’s my early warning system for the world.  =)

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