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This post was sponsored by Cars.com. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Technology has taken away family brand loyalty for car shopping.

When it was time to get a new car,  most families would stick with a particular brand that they were familiar with in their car buying purchases. This is one of the larger investments you will make so why not become educated before you go to a dealership.  To make an educated purchase you need to be informed of all aspects of being a car owner.  Cars.com has all of the resources you need to research a car,  locate a dealership, advise you on the price point, and the cost of owning the car.

The days of going to a dealership and getting your research from the brochure have now evolved with Cars.com.  Not only can you start your research and car buying process with them, you can do comparison shopping from home. Cars.com gives you the opportunity to learn about the vehicle without the pressure of a sale person interjecting or lurking while you “kick the tires”.  Once you make your purchase, refer to Cars.com for maintaining your vehicle with certified locations for your particular make and model.

If you keep a vehicle like I do, use Cars.com to stay on top recalls and the basics of Car Maintenance 101 with articles and videos. They are easy to use and understand for all vehicle owners. Cars.com is the key component of education for car buying purchases and maintenance.  Visit Cars.com and see for yourself.

This post is sponsored but all opinions are my own. Cars.com was used for research and pricing of our Honda. 




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