Fathom Adonia Q& A: Need to know!

Fathom Adonia Questions and Answers: Traveler Edition

Currently, I am on the Fathom Adonia returning from the Dominican Republic.

Does the ship have Wi-Fi?

Yes it does. There are three options: Pay as you go for $0.50 a minute.

100 minutes for $35.00 or 250 minutes for $62.50. There are some viewing restrictions (violence or nudity) but we didn’t run into any issues just checking in with the news and email.

Tip: Amber Cove will have free Wi-Fi spots. They are very fast. Sometimes, you will need to ask for the password.

Do you have to bring your own laptop?

No. They have computers that you can use or connect with your phone.

Does the ship allow alcohol on board?

Yes. We purchased Rum and was able to bring it to our room without it being taken at security.

Does the ship have a laundry?

Yes. It has a free laundry area with an iron and free washer and dryers. You can bring Purex 2 in 1 sheets yourself  or purchase single use laundry detergent on shore.

Is there a formal night?

No. Dinner in the seated dining room is smart casual. We wore from nice shorts and shirt to a sundress without any issues.

Is there Broadway style shows on the ship?

No. There is live music from bands or on the Lido deck, dance music.

Is there a casino on board?


Is there Bingo?


Do they have stores on board?

Yes. A total of Three. A jewelry store, a liquor and tobacco store connected to a general store with items from person hygiene to fair trade items.

Is there a buffet?

Yes. In the Conservatory that also has a outdoor balcony eating area.

Is there an Ice Cream machine?

No. Ice cream is served in the Pacific Restaurant.

Is the ship (handicap) Wheelchair/Scooter accessible?

Yes.  They have ramps and lifts (small elevators). When docked in port, they have staff that will assist you off the ship with your mobility device.  Some of the door jams are a little higher so you have to get a “running start” to get over it.

Is there cable on board?

Yes. The channels are limited and the same movies run. For ours it was San Andreas with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  Some of the television shows are from Britain.

Is there a kids area pool?

No. There is only one pool onboard of the Adonia which is shared by all. There is two Jacuzzis next to the pool. There is also a hidden Jacuzzi on the front of the ship but you have to pay to use it through the spa. You have to go through the gym to find it. No one was ever there.

Do you have to do Impact activities on to go on this cruise?

No. We did not plan on doing any activities. After being on the ship, we decided to do one and were so happy that we did go.

Are you able to stay off the ship while in port?

Yes. You just have to go to the Reception area and advise them of your stay along with your passports.

Is it safe?

Yes. The port had incredible security. The screen all vehicles coming in and going out. There is 24 hour security in port and on the pier.

Do you need your passport to leave the ship?

No. Only your ship card.

Is there free Wi-Fi in the port?

Yes. Several stores: Turquera, Cafe, The Miramar Bay (Crew Store), Impact Activities area, and several others. Sometimes you do have to ask for a password.

Do they serve Alcohol on board?

Yes. The drinks prices are comparable or less to a party cruise ship. A Strawberry Daiquiri is  $8.50 and a draft 16 oz El Presidente (from Dominican Republic). Signature cocktails are $10.95. The bar staff does not have automatic gratuity. They have a line to add it to your bill. Also, the staff does not wide selection of mixing drinks. The service is a little slower than a normal cruise ship but just as friendly.

Are there many children on the ship?

No. Even in the middle of the summer there was not that many children on the ship. The minimal age to be on the ship is 8 years old.

Is there a gym?

Yes. It is small with cardio equipment and some weights.

Do they hold entertainment classes?

Most classes are for self improvement or empowerment. IE: Sunrise Yoga, mediation, Digital photography classes for your cell phone.

Was there a long line to get on board at the cruise terminal?

No. The embarkation area is a Carnival cruise terminal with Carnival staff.

Are there Art Auctions?


Are there constant photographers?

No. There are one or two in place during embarkation and coming off the ship. They do not stop you during dinner to take photos or as have you pose with a character as you exited the ship.

Is the pool on board Saltwater?


The pools in Amber Cove are fresh water.

Is the pool ever crowded?

Depends on the population on the ship and the timing. Every time I went on the Lido deck, there was plenty of chairs and only about 7 people.

Is there a running track?


Was there a line waiting to return to the ship?

No. We only had maybe one other family in front of us.

How long  of a walk is it from the ship to Amber Cove shopping/pool?

Approxprimately 4/10 of a mile.

How long of a walk is it from the ship to the taxi stand?

Approxprmately 3/4 of a mile.

Do they have a trolley from the ship?

No. They have bicycle taxis that run back and forth from the ship to Amber Cove Security point at the main store. They are free but tips are appreciated.

Can the bicycle taxi take you to the taxi stand?

I can’t say yes for sure but I have seen it done.

Is there a beach at Amber Cove?

No. Two Pools.

Do they have room service?

Yes. For $5.00 per person.

How big is Amber Cove?

30 Acres.

Where is Amber Cove?

Approx 5 miles from Puerto Plata.

Do you need to know Spanish to travel to Dominica?

No. They have Rapid Spanish Phrases classes (free) with a paper packet for you to keep and refer too. They also will answer any key phrases you want to know.

How many floors are on the Adonia?

10 floors.

Do you see the same people on the ship?

Yes. You will run into the same people and be able to get to know them.

Were you afraid of the Zika virus while traveling to the Domician Republic?

I was not afraid of Zika. I made preparations by bringing Cutter Insect Repellant. They also have some for sale at the Amber Cove store.

Would you go back on the Adonia?

Yes. Already planning two more cruises on the Adonia.

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I will come back and update this Q&A with pictures and additional questions once I return back to the United States.

If you have any questions, comment below or send me an email at jenn@todayschallenges.com.


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