These feet are made for walking & climbing on vacation

Happy back to realty! We had a fantastic vacation and I will be providing reviews with pictures and videos here very soon. This is one of the hardest things to try and do while on vacation is to exercise. We all seem to make excuses as to why we can’t move or eat right while on vacation. I was lucky that I was on a large ship so that I was able to get stairs in and also walking. The ship was huge and by walking, I was able to see details most people won’t see rushing to the elevators. So it’s time for an update on the fitness while on vacation.

Daily break down:

January 29 (Thursday) 10,547 Steps 0 Floors

January 30 (Friday) 6,377 Steps 0 Floors (we were driving most of the day)

January 31 (Saturday) 13,139 Steps 42 Floors

February 1 (Sunday) 8,217 Steps 58 Floors

February 2 (Monday) 13,833 Steps 100 Floors

February 3 (Tuesday) 4,335 Steps 2 Floors (not worn in St. Maarten, Fitbit only worn on the ship)

February 4 (Wednesday) 6,705 Steps 7 floors (St. Kitts, only wore FitBit on ship)

February 5 (Thursday) 15,674 Steps 36 Floors (San Juan, walked old San Juan)

February 6 (Friday) 10,425 Steps 20 Floors

February 7 (Saturday) 8,918 Steps 39 Floors

February 8 (Sunday) 6,381 Steps 3 Floors (Driving home)

Total Miles: 45.04 Miles

Total Floors: 307 Floors

I beat my goal of 10 miles for the week. I enjoyed every moment of it and was amazed at my results of the Fitbit. I will take the accomplishment and create new ones.


Tired Feet on Orient Beach
Tired Feet on Orient Beach

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