Hail or Fail: Starbucks Hack

Starbucks is the fuel in my blood some days. The cost is hard to swallow for a fancy coffee. With endless hours and planning on college visits, my energy gets spent very quickly.  The average drinking (depending on size) runs approximately $5.45. Times two or three people, you are looking at $16.35 plus tip.  Yikes!

Today I walked out with a Venti Latte Drink for a fraction of the cost.  Here is how:

  1. Order three Shot of espresso in an Iced Venti cup. This will be a Venti Plastic cup with ice in it.


2. Once you receive your cup, take your cup to the condiment section and choose the milk that you like. Usually they will have non-fat milk, whole milk and half and half.



3. Tip your drink at an angle and pour in the milk.



4. Sweeten to your liking and stir.



Fraction of the cost but same bold taste.


Can you taste the savings?



Thank you to The Krazy Coupon Lady for the hack!

You have provided me sanity for my liquid energy.

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