How to See Dave Ramsey for Free…

One of today’s challenges for most people is financial stability. From the basics of making money work to your advantage or saving up for the future, many people struggle with this. I am not ashamed to admit I needed guidance on money and Dave Ramsey teachings helped me find my way with money.

Reading his books, watching his DVD’s, and even listening to podcast anchored my  foundation for financial peace. Going through his website one day, I saw that he had an event near me while we lived in Colorado. I was excited and starting doing more research. On the events page, there is an opportunity for volunteering at his events.

Dave Ramsey’s Live Events

I signed up for volunteering and waited for an email. The first time I was placed on a wait list since they had meet their quota for volunteers. All communication came through email. Then I received my email stating that I was able to volunteer.

Volunteer Link

Just know when you are signing up for an event or multiple events, which ones you desire and the dates.

I have had the opportunity to volunteer at four events and have enjoyed each one of them.  There are so many advantages of volunteering for Dave Ramsey’s Events. Here is a sneak peek at what is involved in a volunteer night at Dave Ramsey.

Volunteer night at Dave Ramsey


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