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Intimation is not even a word close to what I could use on this adventure of getting in shape. I purchased the Insanity Set at an estate sale approximately a year ago and it sat collecting dust. So many times I picked up the box set and stared at it looking for some glimpse of hope to start on the adventure. It went back onto the shelf to gather more dust. I don’t know what sparked in me but I decided I was going to do it. Lack of sleep maybe? So here is the start of the documentary on plus size fitness through Insanity with Shaun T.

Day #1:  We battle in the living room.

I have no fancy entertainment set up. No DVD player. No surround sound. A computer with a CD/DVD player and a side eating table.  I pressed play and off we went. Through advertisements of healthy  and fit models will to workout with Shaun T.  Screen captures pop up to join WOWY to find a workout partner. I am just saying a prayer that I can last through the first workout.

Fit Test Time!

The music plays and the leading voice of Shaun T echoes in my living room. Let’s Do this!  I follow along with the CD and as the moves get harder, I make an attempt without hurting myself. Things were modified but I made it through. I feel in love with the stretching, cool downs and the consistent water breaks to just catch up. the best 30 seconds drinking and moving. There is time for me to write down my results no matter even if the number is “0”. The deed is done and sweat is pouring from all areas. I survived and only have 59 days left.


Before the quiet storm
Before the quiet storm.

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