Making Cents of it all..

Making Cents of it all… Keep on Rolling

Well it’s full. All the way to the brim is full of change.  You know that change that just hangs out in the bottom of your purse, falls down the cracks in your car, the jingle in your pocket, that penny you didn’t notice on the ground.  People worry about the paper cash but never the cents in their pockets.  Plastic has taken the place of carrying paper money for some. As a family, we are on a cash diet and even the pennies count. Literally!

Have you ever thought about just putting the money in a jar and seeing what it adds up to in the end? We did and wanted you to see the total. Every night, we take the cents out and place them in a “counting” jar. It has a sensor in the lid that will detect what kind of coin is being deposited; used strictly for estimates.  We purchased it at an estate sale for $1.25; well worth the investment. We will still have to roll the change but as a family, it can be done in approximately 30 minutes.   If you choose to take it to an automated machine, you can be charged up to 10.9% for retrieving cash. So for every dollar, you are being charged $0.11 cents.

cash jar
Saving those pennies!


Before I reveal the ground totals for this fill, I will admit that we have been taking some quarters out and placing them in the vehicles in the event of parking tolls.  The jar has collected a total of $159.49. To me that is amazing. If you think about taking your family to an amusement park and you collected your change 3-4 times a year, you could have saved anywhere from  $478.47 to $637.96.

cash jar lid
Estimated Total


Consider saving your change for a special occasion or even an emergency fund depending on your situation. Some banks even have machine that will roll your change for you. If you have to do it by hand, get the whole family together and do it. No matter they age of the children, it can be a valuable lesson in money management.

With our total of walking out with $155 dollars, an automated machine would have received $16.89 for “rolling” our money leaving us with $138.11.  $16.89 could be a Pizza and a movie night for the whole family.  So remember making cents of it all can make a huge difference in your pocket or family vacations.

Cold Hard Cash

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  1. Kathryn Chu

    December 1, 2015 at 12:49 am

    whoa that is pretty cool!!! im going to look into investing in one of those counting jars, would be a fun way to help my daughter learn how to count money as well as learn to save! Thanks for the post!

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