Money, Money, Money….

Admit it, you sang the song and did a little happy dance? You had a little Abba movement. Well keep that dance ready cause I am going to help you make it your theme song for 2016.  There are unclaimed money sitting in Treasury departments throughout the United States.

There are so many websites that do not provide direct access on how to collect your money. The process to find out if you have money waiting is very simple. It may not provide the exact amount you are due back but sometimes it will list it under $100 or over $100. Here are the legitimate websites to find out if you have missing money.

This website will allow you to conduct a search for all 50 states. You can also narrow it down to states that you have lived in previously.

      Unclaimed money website will provide you a green box in the top right hand corner “Click Here to search your state”. It will take you to the next page which will display an American Flag background with the 50 states listed. Click on the state you want to search. It will bring up information on the state you requested with a hyperlink to the department which has your money. Most are a Department of Treasury or Department of Revenue.

     Follow the directions listed on the website on how to obtain your money. Most will provide a contact telephone number if you have any additional questions regarding your funds.  Just know there will be a process to go through to obtain the money; identifying yourself and possible direct deposit information.  Don’t forget to check both so you can recover more possibilities.

I hope this information finds you well and profitable to bring in 2016. Bookmark these websites and share them with friends and family.

Disclosure: This article is not sponsored or contain affiliate links. This is information I believe all can benefit from to celebrate the New Year. 

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