Reading, Writing, and Retinol : College as an adult

Making the decision to go back to school with all of my other challenges has been a tough one. The decision has been made and I am back in college working on another degree. No longer is it reading, writing, and arithmetic or common core math; its now reading, writing and retinol.  I think with this choice, I have official lost my mind.
My leap into education has landed me in classes with students that are younger than Sparrow (daughter) herself. Talk about a generation gap! The words that we hear resonate so true right now with the generation gap. “If I knew then, what I know now. ” The technology improved and college has changed the education experience. Priorities have changed also from an educational perspective. The things that I would have freaked out about as a young college age student don’t worry me now. I actually took a zero on a project and has no qualms about it.  The instructions were not clear at all and I only completed a portion of the project(the bonus part). Conversations with instructors can be a challenge in themselves. Some of the instructors could be my age or possible younger. There tends to be a break down when you are trying to have a peer to peer conversation but are still being address like a 18 year old student.

The desire for education has far surpassed the challenges that going to college has brought me. Time management is a huge challenge that I face everyday but somehow tend to bear through it.  Even as an adult learner, the practices of studying changed with age.  No longer is it energy drinks till midnight and beyond. It is  home made coffee concoctions with an extra kick.  My desk is no longer neat and organized. It is a fair grounds of bills, to do list, home work, scratch paper,  college schedules, exams, and sticky notes galore.  Even a count down calendar of when I will be done with the classes I am working on. Not sure if I am using it to see how much time I have left in classes or a route of escape for education confinement.

Being the mom of a college daughter is hard.  But being the mom of a college daughter and a college student is the new extreme sport. This is what my view looks like: paper everywhere, Jake on my shoulder, bags under my eyes and coffee on my coaster.

Multitasking as I try and finish homework with Jakie.


My post may be incoherent and my dreams are bigger than my lack of sleep.  Please send coffee, good vibes, and retinol.



A Weary Adult Student

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