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As many of you may or may not know, I have a soft spot in my heart for trying to rescue things. Mainly as part of our family, we have rescued furry and feathery things. My latest rescue has been house plants. These are the plants that are the most pitiful looking things you see that the nursery or major retail store. They are marked down to below bottom prices and almost given to the families that are willing to adopt them. I say “adopt” because they need water, food, new “Clothes” IE pot, and love.  Lately, I have been driven to head right into the areas of the stores and search for this plants. My new home is slowly starting to become over run with them but it’s doing great things for the family.

There is actually a NASA study that has been conducted stating that you need 15-18 house plants to help purify the air in your home.  There is also research that says thriving house plants de-stress your home by creating a relaxing, restful feel to any room.  A recent Dutch research suggest that gifting a patient in the hospital  with a house plant vs. flowers for a patient in the hospital aids in lowering the stress level for the patient.

Top Ten List of Common House Plants that will benefit your home:

1)      Golden Pothos

2)      Aloe Plant

3)      English Ivy

4)      Peace Lily

5)      Rubber Tree

6)      Snake Plant aka Mother in Law Tongue

7)      Bamboo Palm

8)      Philodendron

9)      Spider Plant

10)   Red Edge Dracaena


All of these plants are easily found can be found at our local retailer or nursery. They are easy to maintain and pretty resilient to someone that doesn’t have a green thumb. So the next time you head out, ask where their clearance plants are and create a new family member. Remember these are great ideas for college students too.


Meet Big Joe our newest member! A Peace Lily hiding in the back corner of a clearance cart at Lowes.
Meet Big Joe our newest member! A Peace Lily hiding in the back corner of a clearance cart at Lowes.

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