Snowmageddon 2016

Weather update from Columbia, South Carolina. As the radar reads, we are on the very edge of the storm. Areas south of us are receiving snow.  We received a light dusting and currently are having a couple of flakes fall here and there. When I was leaving for work this morning, there were people driving around checking the roads for black ice. I just slowed down and kept my distance. Our area is still fighting issues with drainage after the floods of October 2015. We had minimal sitting water from the rain yesterday.

I feel for the people who are being hit hard. All I can say is stay safe in the weather. Snuggle in your blankets and eat soup. I am sending positive vibes that they are able to maintain heat and don’t have to leave the house. For the kids, I hope you stay warm and a find a hill to sled down. Even our milk and bread has been banished from the shelves. the short of it winter it is here and its only 56 days till Spring.

Snowfall in Columbia, South Carolina January 23, 2016





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