Summer Must Have: RY Gardener Expandable Hose

Summer has hit us full blast! This means time for more outdoor activities such as gardening, washing cars, Slip and Slide, pressure washing, and countless others. With the outdoor chores that I have to do on a constant basis, I am fighting with a heavy, non flexible hoses. It will never reach where I want it to go and if I am working with the garden, I am concerned with the weight knocking over vegetables or flowers.

We have previous had the “As Seen on TV” hose that busted immediately after the second use. The only thing we had used it for was watering a garden for elementary school children. The pressure busted the hosing and split it making it turn into a water balloon. Fun for the children but non productive and a waste of money.


The RY Gardener is constructed of better quality material than previous products. The hose comes as a complete kit which takes the guess work out of having all necessary items for any project. The hose is made of a blue material that is easily spotted in gardens or the yard. This will decreased the likelihood of it being run over by a lawn mower. The hose is light weight and able to maneuver around in your hand no matter your age. The kit has a storage hook that fit over the water faucet and now creates access at anytime for the hose. The storage is handy right at the faucet. You now longer have to look for the hose in the garage or shed.   Many hoses have problems with leaks at the connection points; this kit comes with “O” rings which can be changed out with ease to ensure a secure fit.

Once the hose is connected to the water faucet, turn it on and watch the hose expand to it full length of 49.21 feet.  The hose has a on/off valve near the spray nozzle which should be turned in the off position to ensure water fills the hose completely. Turn the spray nozzle to the setting that you want and switch the valve to on. The spray nozzle is designed for 7 sprays from very gentle (misting of the flowers) to powerful for removing dirt and debris from your home or vehicles. Your chores will be easy to complete without the fight of lugging a hose around. As you are working with the hose, it is lightweight and able to be controlled with one hand.  When you are done with the hose, simply keep the nozzle open to allow for the excess water to drain out. This will allow for the hose to recoil and shrink for easy storage. As the hose hangs from the storage hook, make sure that you keep it in a shady area so that the heat does not breakdown the material. This expandable hose kit  is perfect for the entire family. It will allow the kids the ability to help with chores without assistance. This kit also comes with a one year warranty (registration required).

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Disclaimer: I received this product for a discounted cost for a full and honest review. I have used this hose in my garden, washing cars, and pressure washing for over 10 days with no issues. All opinions are my own.

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