The Drug Deal on the Airplane

So we have been traveling by air a little more than we normal do and I am loving it. Well most of it!  I don’t fear heights, turbulence, or the fear of people. The airplane travel was a breeze. No issues with travel or getting from one plane to another. We boarded the plane and found out seat quickly for the next leg of the flight. I placed my things in the overhead bin, slipped my purse under the seat in front and set up to work during the flight.

We were on a plane called the A88. The only reason I remember that was the lady behind me complaining about how much she hated this plane. Great! Its going to be one of the those conversations. I sat down and watched people board the plane. I love that part of travel. The line of people died downed and I decided to go ahead and get ready for the flight. I sat back in the seat, pulled the seat belt, grabbed the other end and waited on the click. Crickets! I tugged again. Nothing. Looking down to my stomach there was a two inch gap. TWO SMALL Inches! I examined the belts, both were at the end of their give. I decided to give it one good heave ho! Nope! Not today. My hands were getting rope burns on them from me yanking so hard. I looked up at Mr. Mann in defeat.

He reached over and tried to assist me to see if this was simply “stuck” somewhere and that is where the two inches were hiding from me. That wasn’t it! I twisted, slunk down in my seat, shifted sideways, there was no matching making for these two components of the airline seat. I looked up from my challenge and caught the attention of the flight attendant. She came over with that loving and professional smile and leaned into my seat. I knew what I was up against. I sat up tall and asked, “May I have a seat belt extender?” Oh My God! What words just slipped out of my mouth? She looked at me in the eye and said “Sure.”

I watched her walk away into the front of the plane. I was happy with the results of what I just did. I owned up to the need for a seatbelt extender on a plane. This was my reality. My very true reality. She jaunted back to my row with her hand cupped. She reached over and slipped the neatly rolled extender into my hand.  The whole transaction remind me of a drug deal. No one saw, so no one was none the wiser.

I unrolled the extender and it slid into the components smoothly.  For the first time in my life, I had to wear a seat belt extender. I have to say I wasn’t emotional about what just transpired on the airplane.  The flight attendant treated it in a very professional manner and didn’t make me feel awkward.  Yes, the plane was the smallest out of all of the ones were had flown on and that was the only flight I needed the extender.

Being able to face the fact I needed an extender allowed me to reflect on many things.  Thankfulness that they had one and the realization that I need to take care of myself first.   Gratitude that I wasn’t sitting next to the lady behind me who first start the tirade of the betrayal of A88 planes.   Irony of that passenger, she as her seat mate was a flight attendant who was being transferred to another airport.  He spent most of the time telling her about the intimate details of the A88 and how wonderful it was to be on the plane.

Morale of the story: Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself. I promise you, you are not the first nor the last people that will need a seat belt extender.  Just be ready to receive it like a back alley drug deal.

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