WOD Women’s Silicone Wedding Ring

! was thrilled when I received this ring before my trip to Mexico. We normally get very active while on vacation and I don’t want to be sporting my fancy jewelry due to a number of reason. One of the biggest things you have to concern yourself when you travel is safety. This ring allowed me to wear a ring without concern of getting lost or not fitting on my finger.

While in Mexico, we walked almost ten miles around town. My hands will swell up making my rings impossible to remove or if I am able to remove them, I have to worry about losing them while walking around town. The construction of this ring is very durable and fashionable. I always have a hard time getting a ring to fit my hand due to my ring finger being a size 5.  Most rings start at a size 7 for women. With the industry geared towards men, it is hard to find a ring that is designed for women. The silicone that is used for the ring is medical grade which minimizes interaction with your skin. With the material, it allows for the ring to expand if you have any swelling to your extremities. The ring has a subtle gray color which resembles platinum or white gold.  WOD emblem is stamped on the outside of the ring with a barbell behind a heart, very simple and feminine.   IMG_3747

The packaging comes in a small ziplock bag that can house your WOD ring when you are not using it.  This ring is now part of my primary go to jewelry. I can wear this to work without concern of injuring a person and go straight to the gym. WOD ring is comfortable to lift heavy weights and do cardio.  The design of the WOD ring is perfect for the women who work in the medical field, travels, or even works out. The style both stylish and practical.

FTC Disclosure: I received this product at a heavily discounted cost for a full and honest review. All opinions stated above are mine.

Walking WOD ring in Mexico with no worries.





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